3 Gratitudes Challenge: Day 30 (Night) – Last day!

If you haven’t found out why I started this challenge, it’s to help train my brain to be more positive- you can do it too! Check out the original post to start off!

Grateful Day 30 – Night

I am grateful for Chinese New Year holidays in Singapore 🙂
It’s always nice to get some breaks and have dinner with family even though I don’t really talk to them much.

Finally, the last day of the challenge is here. This challenge has been completed and I am proud to say that I’ve managed to see it through 😀

I never knew gratitude to be something hard to seek lol and I have seriously noticed a lot more stuff that I could be grateful for in these 30 days, with 3 times of gratitude seeking.

That’s a total of 90 active search for things to be grateful for lol! I should compile a list that I’ve made with my post XD

So what about you? Are you doing this challenge too? Do give me your link if you are!

Oh and also, to my fellow Chinese brothers and sisters, happy Chinese new year~

Your pal,

3 thoughts on “3 Gratitudes Challenge: Day 30 (Night) – Last day!

  1. Yay!!! I’m so grateful for my health and on a lighter note…. that I was able to find a new laptop and one for our son too. All of our computers died at the same time!!?? Seriously??? So, I’ve been in the dark, but kind of enjoyed the break! Glad you’re doing well!! 😀

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