Friends! I need your help!

Hello believers! Benjamin here and I’ll cut right to the chase. I need your help.

I am producing the 2nd Episode of PBIY TV and it’s going to be answering the question: “What is FEAR?”

What I need from you guys is to do ONE of the TWO below:
1. Write a post on FEAR (Link me to it, see below) OR;
2. Leave a comment, answering the question itself:
– Tell us “What is FEAR?” In your opinion and perhaps even conduct your own research if you want to as well lol!

If you choose to do number 1?
Link my blog to it so that I can read it as research material for the video (Citing that it’s to help with this video would be nice 🙂 ) OR;
Leave the link of your post in this post’s comment section!
– If you’ve already written one on the topic? Just leave the link in this comment box!

Either way, as long as you’ve participated in this? You will be credited in the Episode when it comes out! Let me know if you wish to assist 😉

If you haven’t checked out the First Episode (The Secret To Happiness!), feel free to watch it right here!

Feel free to hit reblog too! Sharing this post will likely help with not only the exposure of our community but also give us more material to work with 🙂

Alright, gonna go research now so talk again soon, champs!
May your sky be bright today 😉

Your pal,

[Image featured today is by Michael Wacker.]

40 thoughts on “Friends! I need your help!

    1. Awesome, thanks for sharing! Already gone through it and am gonna use it so thanks for contributing bud!

      Stay tuned for the episode- I will link you to it as well, along with everyone else who’ve contributed once its up 🙂

      Stay awesome bud!

      Your pal,

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    1. Oh trust me, posts like yours helps too.

      More than you think! For one, it saves me some time from stepping out of my home to go interviewing my friends and other busy souls for more thoughts lol!

      Getting thoughts from everyone is also part of the research so feel free to let me know if you got other input on the subject over here yeah?

      And thanks for joining in this little research project! Really appreciate your input! As commented in your post, stay tuned for the episode, I will link it to you when it’s up 😉

      Your pal,

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      1. No, thank You for doing things like this! The world needs more people like you. 😊 I know your right now “little project” will have a BIG future. Can’t wait for your next episode. Keep it up!☺

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  1. There is only one valid fear for a Christ-follower, the fear of the Lord. The more you fear God, the less you will fear anything else (2Tim 1:7).
    If you fear rejection, read 1Cor 2:5.
    If you fear what others think of you, read (2Cor 10:12).
    If you fear enemies, read (Deu 31:6 and Psa 46:1-3).
    If you fear not being good enough, read (Psa 139:14).
    If you fear you are not important to Him, read (Luke 12:7).
    If you fear being destitute, head (Php 4:9).
    If you fear in general, read (Psa 94:12-13).

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    1. Hmm interesting share here bud. Will google these to find out more, thanks for joining in the little research project!

      Really appreciate it 😉

      Will link you to the episode when it’s up too so stay tuned!

      Have a nice day bud!

      Your pal,


      1. Glad that you did and thank you for getting involved! Great article you’ve produced here and seriously, keep up the good work James 😉

        Stay tuned for the video in which thou shalt be linked and credited!

        Your pal,

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    1. Oh yeah I’ve read that one awhile ago! Awesome, I will use the content as well 😉

      Thanks for the participation Karuchan!
      Should you happen to get any new insights on the topic, feel free to share it here or in another post and link it to me, yeah?

      Your name and blog link will be credited in the video/vid description like everyone else and of course, I will link it to you when it’s up so stay tuned 😉

      Again, if you got any new insights, do share and thanks for getting involved in this little research project!

      Stay chirpy, little Karuchan!

      Your pal,

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  2. Hi Benjamin,

    I’m commenting with a response to what is fear (to me) since I do not have a post about it on my page.

    For me, fear has been something I try to balance. Due to my faith, I tend to believe that one should not have fear because things will eventually work out for the good. However, in being a human, I do experience rounds of fear. My greatest struggle is with the unknown. I believe this is rooted in my desire to protect my loved ones and since the future is unknown, it stirs up fear within me. I try to work towards staying grounded and focusing on the moment, but I go through periods of life where the fear wakes up again.

    So, although I try to avoid letting fear control my thoughts and emotions, there are times when the unknown is that which I fear because I cannot protect those whom I love,

    Thank you for your support and I hope this was helpful!

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    1. Oh believe me, this definitely helps in the research because it’s data as well on the topic! Every details that’ll help with the research will be helpful and opinions, theories and perspectives on it definitely qualifies for me.

      Indeed, fear is very closely linked to the unknown and based on my research so far? Holy crap you’re gonna be surprised on my findings on what fear is, it’s effects and what it can do for us! Surprisingly it’s not all bad and is pretty important in our life!

      For a little preview, let’s just say as you’ve mentioned on fear of the unknown, some specialists actually labeled it as irrational fear and they also have a term for it:
      False Evidence Appearing Real- FEAR
      Get it? Even Scientists do wordplay these days hah!

      What they suggest is that some ppl (fortunately not everyone) has this fear that’s so irrational that even though they know it’s not possible, they still insist things will be as bad as they are going to get due to the impact bias that’s mentioned in the previous video on happiness, and for some reason, they’d convince themselves that things are bad with “clues” that they find around them and especially statements or actions that are ambiguous- they’d automatically see it as negative even though it could be positive. Why is that?

      Well, I’d love to share everything with you here but that’ll spoil the fun of the video lol so I won’t! So far, research has been going great and your additional input will be accounted for as well so sincerely, thank you for getting involved. Seriously, it’s fun to do this and having ppl joining in contributing to the research 😉

      If you got further input, feel free to share over here and of course, stay tuned for the next episode of PBIY TV! When it’s up, you will be linked and credited for it like every other contributors 😀

      Your pal,

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  3. Hiya Benjamin – sorry I saw this so late, but I wrote a post a few days ago that is about phobias and philias (fears and loves). It takes one through a step by step guide to conquering a phobia. Maybe you would find some of it to be useful?
    It’s at if you want to take a look.
    By the way, I listened to the first episode of PBIY TV (Happiness) and was astounded by the excellent production values, lovely sense of humour and useful content in it. That’s a beautiful piece of work, man – keep it up. 🙂
    Kindness – Robert.

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    1. Hey Robert! So sorry but the recording has been done and the animating process has already begun so I can’t make any amendments anymore without risking delay but hey- If you are still interested in assisting on the show? How about helping us out in the next episode? 🙂

      If you wish to just let me know so that before the production even begins, I’ll check in with you, perhaps even email you if necessary hah! Just let me know if you are interested, alright?

      Also, thanks for checking out the vid and leaving this awesome comment here!

      Really appreciate and value comments like this so seriously, cheers to that and I will continue the grueling process of editing soon, after responding to everyone on wordpress that I’ve yet to respond in the past week lol!

      If you wanna know what’s been going on? Feel free to checkout this post which I’ve posted earlier today:

      Alright, talk to you again soon Robbie, stay awesome 😉

      Oh yeah, and let me know if you’d be interested in helping out with the next episode!

      Your pal,

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  4. Hey pal.. How is the research going? Are you still on the look out? I noticed this post late, too late probably, I guess, If you are still on the look out, please let me know 🙂

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    1. Hahaha so sorry VE, research was awesome and the episode has already been compiled and is currently exporting as we speak 😦

      If you are interested in getting involved in the next video though? Just let me know!

      Details will be released along with episode 2 so stay tuned alright?

      I’ve been busy with it and hence, haven’t got the chance to blog much so I’ll just ask here lol, how are you bud?

      Been doing anything interesting?

      Your pal,

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      1. No problem Benjamin. Alright, will stay tuned 🙂 I am doing well and hope you are too. Thank you for asking. I have been working on my academic projects and that’s all interesting to me now, like out of choice lol 😀

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      2. Hahaha well as long as you’re doing well 🙂

        The episode is live now btw! If you got time and are interested, feel free to check it out right here!

        It’s good that you are working on your Academic projects and not skiving off it btw. Not everyone is willing to work on it because they think its a waste of time etc.

        In my opinion though, it’s what cultivates character and definitely discipline so keep up the good work 😉

        If you do check out the episode, do let me know what you think of it!

        Your pal,


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