Be the change…

Don’t expect things to happen- Make it happen. You have the power to! 

We can all learn something from everyone- especially Ghandi!

Have a good day and talk again champs 😉


16 thoughts on “Be the change…

    1. HI Vincent, Totally. So the few times it snows here in london, I always clean the snow away to our door and the pavement. My next door neighbour always comments on this , but never do they do the same. So times I wonder – even though i put my words into action and it gets noticed, but – then what….. soooooo sad…

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      1. Aw it’s fine. Though if it were me, I’d talk to them about it if it really bothers me. At least let them know that it’s bothering you, y’know?

        As we all know (Unfortunately lol), sometimes, people don’t do something because they don’t realize it’s having any effect on anyone much like how we don’t turn off our tv at night, leaving it on till the next day thinking that “Ah well, what’s the harm?” until we were told of the effects of global warming and all that.

        Then we feel like douchebags for being such ignorant dumb dumbs hahaha.

        I’m sure you’d know what to do best 😉

        Your pal,

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      2. that’s the tricky part right, some people just won’t clean their front porch. they should sweep the snow, but sadly don’t. This just really comes down to philosophical and political beliefs.

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    1. Indeed! So many people hangs onto the mindset where everyone around them owes them a living and that the people around them are the problem, thinking “these people should do something about themselves and change”.

      Truth of a matter of fact is, THEY (Themselves) are the ones causing problems but they don’t realize it or refuse to accept that fact when someone points it out to them- which is of course, heart breaking.

      When that happens, we gotta try to help them but sooner or later, we will meet a number of individuals who will refuse to see any faults in them (unfortunately) and all we can do then? Let it go~ Let it go! But ultimately of course, my personal beliefs mandates that we try to help but should the individual refuse to work with us and in return, tries to harm us for assisting them?

      We pull the plug and cut the connection before he or she deals too much damage to our lives.
      We must always remember, our life (Individually) is linked and connected to others. You may not have a connection now (Some ppl believe that they’ve got no one in their life- but that’s usually a self-perceived notion), but in time other lives will be linked to yours. That’s when you start to make a difference in people’s lives.

      Helping people, making a positive difference is a beautiful thing but we must always remember to never let it negatively impact our own because when that happens, it usually affects those around us as well. Hence we gotta be careful too. But these kinds of cases are rare due to the fact that human beings thrive in groups and somehow, in general, we all know that deep down. Hence we understand the importance of making friends hah!

      Thanks for the comment bud! You got me thinking a little more on this topic and in return, I’m sure it’ll help a lot of my readers when they come across this article and comment 😉

      Cheers for awesome networking and creative thought process!

      Your pal,

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    1. Indeed! We gotta remind ourselves that things are usually within our grasp. We just choose not to see it at times for specific reasons (eg. Laziness or even plain unawareness) which obviously cripples our mindsets, efforts and hence, progress in life. Not good.

      Like in the context of reaching out for the TV remote to change the channel. If the remote is far away from you? You might think “Oh it’s so far and not within my reach”- Is it really?

      Think again. It IS within your reach and all you gotta do is put in the effort to get it. But before that can happen, notice that your mindset and beliefs do play a huge role here. Did you noticed that in the beginning of this scenario, the mindset that we had was ‘You might THINK “oh it’s so far and not writhing my reach”‘.

      The keyword here is THINK. As with anything else that you’d do in life- If you let your mind be defeated before you even start, the war is already lost.

      Before you start taking the first step, moving towards your dream? You’ve already thrown your success/victory away by limiting and restricting your own potential. Just by telling yourself that you can’t, you’re right- you really can’t.

      Tell yourself you can? Well, you can- Not a sure thing but it beats a “Sure can’t” doesn’t it?

      Would you rather you choose a “100% no way in hell will you ever achieve your dreams in life” or would you rather take the “50/50 risk” and fight for it? Maybe even make it a 70/30 odds in your favour by working your butt off for it?

      Obviously the latter lol!

      A dangerous elusive obvious to take note for for sure 😉

      Your pal,

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      1. Yes, I believe that too! We let our minds toy with us, but not just our minds, our own confidence in doing things. And now I’m not just talkbing about the example you gave, but for everything else. Exactly! I honestly would take the 2nd and 3rd anytime rather than the 100% against, just believeing there is a chance of me making it. 🙂

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